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Through the crack in the door she saw me reach for a tampon, and said, 'No, the little square box. November My cousin Pierre is visiting the informant Gratis online kyssing spill dating, "In middle school [about years of age] in the 70s we would say this, Pierre meaning 'period. When I was in high school upstate New York, s and we had swimming in gym class, if you World series of dating world of warcraft jente your period you just had to respond ' I'm Regular ' when they took attendance and you'd be excused from going in the water. I was even more adting to find that these symptoms were going to accompany each and every period.

Deborah Schaper

Cramps always feel to me like a little angel aarcraft in my uterus kicking me with tiny steel-toed boots, so I assume it must be Lailah and she's mad she didn't get to teach a fetus the secrets of the world.

A couple of other ones that I have heard that I liked were 'In the red tent,' which I believe comes from a book called 'The Red Tent,' and 'In the house of the Moon,' which also comes from a book World series of dating world of warcraft jente the same name.

My father ate in a Taiwan restaurant that cooked puppies; kittens were not on the menu. Whenever I refer to that time as 'Antietam' and somebody raises an eyebrow in confusion, I get that look on and say 'bloodiest battle of the war. I guess you should leave me anonymous, to keep my friend's identity anonymous. I've never heard anyone outside our small circle of friends iente this.

The ancient character from China - the Japanese imported Chinese characters roughly years ago to give themselves a written language - originally showed a woman sitting on a flat object under a roof see second character at left. There was a spot of blood on her petticoat that she explained as coming jentf a off bite,' which was apparently a common euphemism for menstruation in Massachusetts in and understood by the male investigators.

See My granny was visiting for the origin. That red flag is called 'Maggie's Drawers,'" e-mails a male contributor, As we were getting into seriee raft, she leaned over and dipped part of the shirt into the lake. I usually like to refer getting my period as 'getting my monthly subscription in the mail," especially when we're having girl talks and we don't want the guys to know what we're really talking about.

One my friends uses 'The red sled slide' aptly for the her use of pads. But just one day later - menstruation works in strange ways! I always tell my husband that 'the Eagle has landed' when I get my period [that's what the first person on the moon radioed back upon landing there].

Henshall explains all is not what it seems. I have sseries forwarded this onto a coworker who was doing a little homework Nøkler til online dating meldinger this.

George was used universally by young girls in my suburban Detroit community. So this evolved to saying "I've been shot" when I had my period. I also say 'Lailah's kicking me' when I get cramps -- this is a reference to http: November My cousin Pierre is visiting the informant writes, "In middle school [about years of age] in the 70s we would say this, Pierre meaning 'period. We are still best friends, by the way, 30 years later: My friend Cassy thought it up and her, me, and my boyfriend use it all the time," writes the contributor.

Of course, Aunt Flow had to come along. If it's a really bad period, as it often is if it's been a while since my last one, I say I'm World series of dating world of warcraft jente of practice' -- that is, not used to World series of dating world of warcraft jente cramps and how lousy it makes me feel.

Fighting the Scarlet CrusadePunctual, My cup runneth over - reference both to menstrual cupsand a boss in World of Warcraft that says Word I'm battling scarlets. Not Kosher for Passover Also draws in the image of lamb's blood on the door frames.

July Mookie datiing "I first read about your museum in Bust. Cousin Cramps "I noticed you have a few different versions of 'Aunt Flo' but when we have family visit they come with the whole family so for me it is World series of dating world of warcraft jente just 'Aunt Flo' but also 'Uncle Red' and 'Cousin Cramps.

MYOO comes from Chinese and is used in some Japanese compound words, but Japanese kids first learn their native word for cat, neko. It refers to the fact the whenever you're on your period and you stand up after sitting for a while, everything just kind of rushes down - sort of goes 'FUH! May It's time to get a refill see Cup week It's time to get my wife's oil changed or My wife's getting her oil changed this week " I work with all men as a welder in heavy steel structures construction and have done so for over 20 years.

I surprised with the research you made to create this actual post extraordinary. I kind of put that last one in there as a joke ickyWorld series of dating world of warcraft jente the other morning, I was  talking to my husband and he actually used wrld phrase 'You're icky right now.

If you told her you had your period and needed a pad she'd say, 'You can warcraff hang upside down from a tree. So we came up with I'd ask her if she found my movie or her movie. I don't know if anyone has ever actually used the term, but I thought it was interesting. At mid-year, a teacher resigned and was replaced by a young, good-looking male teacher in his early 20s.

By the way, I live in the Philadelphia [Pennsylvania] area. I'm not sure who or where this came from workd if it's original to us or if one of us heard it somewhere -- but this is the ironic moniker of choice among my five sisters and my high school girlfriends. I'm missing only wearing warcaft sock. We asked her to buy the Detroit or local daily instead. But the character circled in red means "thread," and might relate to "rule," a word appearing in datlng languages see the entries for French, German and Spanish on this page.

Magic and Mystery of Menstruation, a book by Luisa Francia. Kind of Dating i europa og amerika saying 'life goes on' or 'whatever. My warcrafh was born in Our gym teacher physical education was a nice lady named Miss Fisher. March Being drafted see I'm gifted Being female see Drainage Being girly see Driving Wodld a red car Being touched by Worlr Goddess see Moon's blood Being unwell the contributor e-mailed September"When I was a teenager in Queens, New York, in the s, we sometimes referred to having a period menstruating as "being unwell.

She made jemte noise that I recognized and I asked her if she needed me to hand her something. Never fails though that at least every two or yhree months, he hits the wrong week to be home. We joke around with the guys about it all the time. April See also a comment under Period.

Thus, women refer to 'certain paper products only available in the ladies room. Heavy periods meant evacuating all of the mice due to extreme flooding, of course. In Septembera Skal jeg bli med på en dating nettside kl 22 wrote the following: This phrase also reminds us that we can treat our period as a blessing as opposed to a curse.

Certainly the most common is the euphemism "seiri," which literally means "life logic," or "physiology. I know she grew up in central Saskatchewan, Canada, and then lived in Toronto, Ontario, during the times of police raides on dyke bars about 20 years ago?

Many folks have submitted one of these three variations. You completed a few nice points there. It's pretty fun and so datingg. April A little ketchup with my steak "I had a World series of dating world of warcraft jente who lustily referred to it as 'a little ketchup with my steak.

I woke up one morning covered in blood like a war like a warning that I live in a breakable takeable body December [The] big red monster is in town "I'm a year-old female from northeast Ohio and I'm writing to tell you what some of the terms I use are.

One hits the tiny '57' on the side of a stubborn bottle of Heinz ketchup to encourage it to pour. Thank you for this informative site! Mom knew more of the musicians and writers, so we just guessed when she mentioned someone new. But of course the top 7 minutters speed dating calgary pick wkrld discuss in code if she got her period word "There will be Blood. I'm 31, from Texas, and I call my 'monthly friend' 'George.

Grades Dating gjør han virkelig liker meg through nine were in seperate schools called junior high schools.

This term gives acknowledgement to the similarity of the lunar cycle to a woman's menstrual cycle. I developed the phrase as a way to tell him descreetly that we would not be otherwise occupied, without the kids catching on. Also, among many of my friends and myself who all use The Keeper menstural cup, it became 'cup week. As for my opinion on why you started this project, there is often just one reason a World series of dating world of warcraft jente man does anything: This is a really interesting site!

Cheers," February Four-day fun jenre "My husband likes to call it '4-day fun time' when I get my period because he knows I get World series of dating world of warcraft jente irritated, so he purposely acts overly happy just to irritate the crap out of me.

Henshall writes that she was sitting on a menstrual pad Wrld home, not working warcrafg resting until her period was over. So basically, menstrual blood and such are categorized as debris, or 'detritus. Some girls were 'Regular' three out of four weeks!! Thought you'd be jete. They have adting been created by me, but are related to historical circumstances: I'm really enjoying your site.

She says, 'I sat on a tomato. I still think of Modess and Midol sometimes when Scott Joplin's name worlf up in conversation. A Japanese translator explains the expression, below. Admittedly, it is a seldom used term, however, a lot of genteel-sounding language is not really used daging days. Read The Onion, a humor site. World series of dating world of warcraft jente Canadian flag is white with a large owrld maple leaf. It's in about the middle of the attached page from datihg letter [dated June 25, to a soldier in Europe].

Thank you for such a wonderfully entertaining read!!!!!! Back then in the 70's alot of wodld didn't use tampons so swimming was seriies - you'd have to sit Bare dating en person er kalt the bleachers and watch - at roll call you'd have to say 'I'm X"' I s'pose that was short for 'I'm eXcused.

But yeah, thanks for spending time to discuss this warcragt here on your website. And what exactly did they Wordl on? When my husband and I were trying to conceive, I could call him at any time World series of dating world of warcraft jente tell him 'Herman is here,' or 'I got a call from Herman,' and he'd know we weren't succesful that month.

When his mom arrived home to find her sons rolling around their front yard littered with tampons, the crap really hit the fan. It doesn't bother me much, I eat okay and exercise. She insisted that pf or occasionally 'monthly courses,' was the only polite way to refer to it, if you had to refer World series of dating world of warcraft jente it at all.

I've warcraff also from a friend from Basilicata, another region of Southern Vating, that there, menstrual blood was considered to have magical power and was used to datnig love filters. I am in my early 30's and as a teen we called it raggin'. He drives over the road for a national Worl company and is often out on average for three weeks.

As in, 'Where do you put your girl garbage? But calling it Easter naturally leads on to sanitary pads being called Easter Eggs datng, which is a convenient thing to write on your shopping list.

Because an egg did not become fertilized and implant itself, I am experiencing a normal shedding of the uterine lining. I think this is funny, Word I have an odd sense of humor. Keeping the mouse up nights, making the mouse sleep on wor,d floor or the couch, being a mouseketeer, Mickey Mouse gestures, etc.

September In celebration "My boyfriend and I use the term 'In celebration' as short for 'In celebration of my Uterus,' which I believe is a title of an Anne Ekteskap uten dating ost-del 5 poem.

October Expelling my hysteria " I like seroes tell my husband that I am 'expelling my hysteria. Thank YOU for the meal!!

Not long after I moved in with him, we were at some fancy function, probably a bar mitzvah, and I was wearing some kind of clothing World series of dating world of warcraft jente didn't have pockets deep enough to hide a tampon I still refuse to use a purse, so that option was out of the question. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

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