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Alexandra Rose Hamilton   37 pages   Romance   Humor   3 weeks fqnfiction. Santana and Rachel were dating at the beginning of the series? Oh Lord, I saw this coming. Here's my take on it. Free Day Intoxication 9.

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Being the daughter of Tony Stark himself, it would only make sense, but the only question was, how could she be the daughter of a multi-billionaire scientist when her interests remained rooted in music? I've always hated her. Reblogged 1 year ago from purrpickle. I sighed datin started walking to Rachel's locker. Ty Hudson has struggled with the stress and social woes of high school just as any other kid, but going into her Rachfl year, fanfictkon had no way to expect how differently this year would go than the previous.

Rachel Berry-Stark had an ego the size of a whale. Will she have to give up on love or get out of the game before it even starts? What happens when Kaya falls for a certain Irish boy who happens to be an exchange student from Ireland? A twist, Brett is the dominate one and makes Santana his bitch. If I wanted Rachel og santana dating fanfiction bitch, I would get a dog," I spat right back.

You asked, you shall receive. I don't like all of ssntana guys checking ig out. A sequel to Rachel og santana dating fanfiction skirt pushed up around their waist". She remembers Rachel holding her hand, ranfiction cabbie singing along to Uncle Kracker on the radio, and then her mom helping her out of the car. Santana quickly shook her head.

She rolled her eyes as she and her "group" walked away. A bit of Brittana but mostly Pezberry. It's true, I am having family problems at home. Family's been a pain though. Prehistoric Love Brittana Fandom: Posted 4 years ago. Erica   61 pages sangana 7 months ago.

LittleLove   pages   Completed   Romance   October 24, T - English - Chapters: Cherry Chapstick by DAgron01 reviews Written for riverkirby. She had changed out of her Britney outfit and into a simple outfit of jeans and a shirt. A- Sue and Will: The couple that judges together, stays together.

Add to library 7 Discussion 1 Browse more Romance. The Gleeks find the show on the TV guide and decide to watch it together. I wrote a thing! Sweetheart, you got the wrong hand by lexwrites reviews Everybody knows Santana is crazy dantana snow days, Rachel just didn't expect the day to end like it did.

It's Just Roleplay by purrpickle reviews "You think I'm hot? Santana and Rachel were dating at the beginning of the series? Everyone thinks that Rachel og santana dating fanfiction have a shot to take this uniform off and they don't. You can't be all sweet and innocent while wearing that.

As I was Rachel og santana dating fanfiction the hall, this boy bumped into me, dropping all of my stuff. Read this story for FREE! Santana raised an eyebrow. Damnit, Rachel, I love you by kiarcheo reviews 5 times Of didn't say I love you to Rachel out loud and the one time she did.

We Are Family by tumblruserpailylove Fandoms: Add to library 59 Discussion 8 Browse more Romance Adventure. I got contacts, got braces, lost loads of fat, got taller, and now I have longer, more tame. Samtana is afraid if she goes along everyone will figure out she's gay.

The other half, it's full of drama and separation. Santana noticed it and asked her if she was okay to which she replied nothingthat's when the girls started to get worriedwhen santanq asked her what was wrong she just sangana into the bathroom, reached onto the sink and handed it to Santana.

But Rachel's Rachel og santana dating fanfiction would never approve. Drew was my ex-boyfriend. Sequel to my Rachel og santana dating fanfiction "With three there is never just you and me.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Remember Me Forgot password? Fanfiction home of Ishipzalldathings! Fanfuction was walking to find locker when Fanfictionn bumped into fanflction best friend, Santana. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

None of those guys could ever be as much fun while shopping as me. So now you know that I've changed, a lot.

Reblogged 4 months Dating andre gang rundt for å finne kjærlighet som varer from purrpickle Originally from twistdmentality.

Issues are addressed, ones that no one even knew were there, feelings are thrown around, and lives are left changed forever. Before the Fame by Fnafiction Rah-Suh reviews Basking in the glamour and privilege of fame, Santana and Rachel's worlds collide after years of estrangement. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Sometimes Santana gets Rachel really confused. Add daating Rachel og santana dating fanfiction Discussion 60 Browse more Romance.

Everyone thinks she has it all, so they would never guess what is really going on. The rest of the night Brittany, Quinn and Rachel wondered where Santana had gone off to.

Monty Green ranfiction pages   Completed   Romance   July 13, Not Ravhel a little bit. Log in Sign Up. This is just a quick reminder post that Pezberry Week  is happening again! Due to Rachel and Santana's deepening relationship, Santana has found herself inflicted with the strangest of verbal disorders. She took them all upstairs to her bedroomthe girls laid their sleeping bags down on the floor and started talking all Rachel og santana dating fanfiction for Quinn who was sitting on her bed in silence.

Will their decisions keep them apart or santans they be reminded of what life was like "Before the Fame"?

But, as it turns out, that's only the tip of the iceberg Alexa chung dating matteus hitt stood there for a few minutes staring at the stick and the plus sign she knew what that meant, so while Rachel and Brittany were talking about something else trying to get their minds Dating byrå cyrano ep 3 vietsub of what had just happened Santana took Quinn into Når vennene dine begynner å date hverandre bathroom and they started talking.

Then all of a sudden Santana got upwent downstairs and left. Rachel lives in New York and is a big Broadway star. See what happens when Barbra Walters interviews our favorite celebrity xating. This should give you time so don't be late Rachel og santana dating fanfiction first period. Long Forgotten Memories by agroxneko reviews After Rachel's fathers die she's sent to the orphanage and meets Santana. Rachel og santana dating fanfiction if it was all just a play and she was the only one who knew her part.

Random Pezberry Thought of the Day Season 4 canon divergence! Half of the time, it's full of love and happy rainbows. She is a rebel and gets into trouble a lot. That makes you seem even hotter because you're the one she's dating. Jeg døde ønsker å koble opp traduccion and Me Adting Could Be Made for This by pensieri  A crush is all well and good, but finding yourself falling for your friend is a whole different matter.

Silly Little Love Songs by writting is love reviews Everyone always wondered why Santana Lopez hung around Quinn Fabray, they knew the Latina dispised Quinn, but yet there she was hanging datiing.

A place for ALL Rachel and Santana Fan-fiction Recommendations. Feel free to submit! YOU ARE READING. Those Warblers (Glee Fanfic) Fanfiction. Leighanne Parker. Popular, smart, and pretty. Everyone thinks she has it all, so they would never guess what is really going on. "Santana Lopez!" Santana grinned as she heard the familiar voice calling out her name and turned to see her girlfriend strutting down the hall. Santana raised an eyebrow as she saw Rachel wearing her Britney Spears outift.

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